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Apollo Airvape Xs Vaporiser

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Apollo Airvape Xs Vaporiser

The Apollo Airvape Xs is the thinnest of portable vaporizer range, with an outstanding performance utilising a combination of 'conduction and convection' technology to achieve the best vapour quality. At approx a third of a kg of 0.35kg, you may not even feel that it's in your pocket.

Using a 'oval' shaped ceramic chamber with a hot air compartment, the Xs gives a smooth vapor experience with very little odor. An elegant 4cm display screen shows battery life and exact temperature. The Apollo Airvape Xs also has a vibrating function to notify the user when the desired temperature is reached and an automatic shutoff timer. In order to get the best performance from the unit, grind your materials fine. 

Lightweight, easy to use, decent vapour hits. Perfect for social users. Probably not for 'heavy' hitters and heavy users, but more of a fun lightweight device for personal and social occasions.


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