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Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

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The Arizer Air 2

The Arizer Air 2 has exceptional herb heating efficiency, wide airflow, precision temperature control, interchangeable batteries, portability and goods looks. With digital settings, there is no more guessing what each LED light indicator is currently setting temperature to as with the older Arizer Air. Jump in 1 to 10 degree increments with ease, within a temperature range between 50°C-220°C. 

One of the biggest requests from seasoned users is the ability to draw as fast as they normally do with other devices... or traditional smoking methods. The Arizer Air 2 has fixed this issue beautifully, with a powerful heating element coupled with recessed heat jets, that allow bigger, longer draws, all the while able to keep up with any breathing style at the selected temperature.

With 50% more battery power than the previous Air model, get 90 mins of continuous use on lower heat settings and about 70 mins on higher settings with one full charge. However, if youve completely depleted your battery, easily use the ‘pass through’ option while the vape is connected to any USB charge port. Simple to use, lightweight, the perfect vape for all levels of experience. 

The Canadian Arizer brand continues to produce exceptional products that in some cases outclass the more expensive brands. Want even bigger hits? Take a look at the new heavy hitter Solo II Vaporizer.





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