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Arizer Solo II Vaporizer

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The Solo II Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo II is for those who want the very best inclusions in portable herb vape, without paying a big price tag. The Solo II produces exceptional vapour quality, has super fast heat up, long battery life, glass stem breather cooling, complete digital control and reasonably priced for a vape of this magnitude.

The Solo II has one of the longest lasting batteries within its class, just a little under 3 hours of use from one full charge. This makes it about double the battery life of most other portables. And if battery power has been depleted, simply plug the Solo II into charge, wait 5 mins for some charge to trickle through, then use the pass through option. This makes the Solo II a great device for those who need to medicate at any given time, or for those who never want to miss the use of their vape. 

The digital display allows complete control over features, with easy to use buttons which do not clutter the face of the device. Personalise any session to perfect standard, without the need to use a separate App, including but not limited to adjustable auto shut off (a feature many have asked for), brightness control and notification control.

Similar to the Arizer Air II, users have requested longer, deeper breaths without a reduction in temperature on their herbs. The Solo II delivers well in this regard, with recessed heat jets in chamber allowing more airflow as the user increases draw. This allows the temperature to remain the same with the strongest of inhales, with consistent temperature on herbs, for perfect big hits. 

Small in size than the original Solo, the device feels great in the hand and grips easily into your palm no matter the hand size.  Reliable all-day vaping with up to 20 sessions per charge, the Solo II is one of our favourite vaporizers. Grab one today.





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