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Black Mamba Vaporizer

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Black Mamba Vaporizer

The Black Mamba is a conduction vaporizer with precise and even chamber heating, perfect for all medicinal herb blends. Who would have thought this sleek vape holds about 0.65g of dry herb material. The Black Mamba has an all glass vapour path and a food grade mouthpiece, perfect for clean tasting vapour quality. The mouthpiece and vapour channel are completely removable, with a magnetic snap connection for easy clean. Soft on the touch external plastic, with LED lit temperature settings.

Works best with medium to medium-fine grinds. Pack the heating chamber well with herbs, heat and draw slowly. Dont be fooled by the low draw resistance, as your 2nd and third draw will surely show. Only takes 2 seconds to heat-up to the 5 preset temperature settings:


Important: For safety reasons we only recommend only using the USB charge cable instead of a wall socket. 

Please note:  Black Mamba have changed their packaging to eliminate clones and copies from non-authoirised manufacturers. The letters BLK is now the 'official' Black Mamba emblem on boxed Kingstons Black Mamba products.

Black Mamba Features:


Black Mamba Box Includes:

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