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Extreme Q Vaporizer

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Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Extreme Q from Arizer is a dual purpose desktop, allowing the use of both a whip tube and a balloon bag at a users discretion. Considered to be a good starter vape for those who are new to vaping medicinal herbs, yet produces great vapour quality for the experienced vape user.

For medical patients or vape enthusiasts looking for a bag style vaporizer, the Extreme Q is exceptionally affordable compared to the Storz & Bickel Volcano. The remote unit allows control over all settings at at tough of a button, and with the ability to use the whip tube or the balloon bag, one can choose which method is best suited for each session. If you welcome lovely fragrances throughout your home, the Extreme Q offers an aromatherapy unit that easily plugs in ready to go. 

Easily change the vapour from light to thicker clouds with digital settings and the on board fan speed. The Extreme Q does not require any major cleaning, but the glass parts do need to be monitored in case of buildup and can also get a bit warm. We do recommend cleaning the metal screen located in the whip elbow at least once a week, as this particular area tends to build up herb and oil residue, and could restrict airflow.





The above notes might be negligible, especially since the price point is so attractive. Nonetheless good to note for the discerning buyer. Overall, we are quite impressed with the performance, level of features, durability and options in Extreme Q vaporizer.





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