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VBox Mini Concentrate ERig Vaporizer

  • $249.95

VBox Mini Concentrate ERig Vaporizer

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The VBox Mini ERig is the little brother of the VBox Concentrate E-Rig. For anyone that has experience with eNails but requires a more robust device, the Mini is here. Specifically made for resins, wax and oils, this vaporiser is for concentrate enthusiasts who demand exceptional performance for personal or group environments.

Made from titanium and forged steel tools, this is the ideal electronic Nail. Similar to its bigger brother with a broad temperature spectrum of 32°F (0°C) - 999°F (537°C). Perfect for those who wish to extract terpenes and medicinal essential oils.

The temperature Mod unit also has a USB connection for charging other electronic devices. This Rig is designed to be used with your own Water Filter and Adapter. A very powerful device that delivers incredibly strong and accurate sustained heat, for all your medicinal concentrate needs. 

With all concentrate rigs and tools, please exercise care.

VBox Mini Concentrate ERig Includes:

Warning: Device eNail becomes very hot. Allow eNail to cool before touching for concentrate material change over. Never leave unattended.

Warning: Warranty will be void if there are any customisations internally or externally to the device, if the unit is left running for longer than 5 hours, or if there are any signs of bending, twisting or any kind of force to the heat coil element.

Note: Reduce residue buildup, regularly clean eNail with alcohol swab

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