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Mighty Vaporizer

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Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel

The Mighty Vaporizer is a powerful, portable, hand held device that creates pure, thick vapour clouds, with the same efficiency of the famous Volcano desktop vaporizer. Like every other Storz & Bickel vape, the temperature control is very accurate. The Mighty uses a combination of 'Convection and Conduction' heating methodology. The digital display shows the user the current and target temperature sets, and battery life.

The vapour quality simply put is beautiful and pure. The Mighty has a dual lithium-ion battery, LED temperature display, precise temperature control and effective vapour production. If youre looking for the top of the line vapour quality, and exceptional German workmanship, then this is the device for you. 

Genuine Storz & Bickel device: serial number, closed seal, S&B Warranty, we are authorised sellers


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