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Pulsar Barb Fire Wax Vaporizer

  • $80.00

Pulsar Barb Fire Wax Vaporizer 

The Pulsar Barb Fire is a 'wax and oil' concentrate pen, that delivers flash vapour within 5 seconds.

Beautiful looks and made from heavy stainless steel, this vape holds a 1100mAh battery that powers the barbed atomizer coil.

The flat ribbon 'twisted kanthal coil' inside the ceramic heat chamber heats waxes and oils to perfect temperature with ease. The mouthpiece is removable and has a splash guard, in addition to adjustable airflow control with 4 breathing holes to choose from.

How To Use: Remove the stainless mouthpiece, load concentrate into atomizer, replace mouthpiece, click power button 5 times to switch on, when the power button is held in the led light will go red... when it becomes green you are ready to vape. 

Battery Level indicates as follows:  Green = 100%-60%, Orange = 60%-20%, Red = 20%-0%


Pulsar Barb Fire Features:


Pulsar Barb Fire Box Includes:

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