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Yocan Evolve Plus XL

  • $79.95

Yocan Evolve PLUS XL

The Yocan Evolve PLUS 'XL' is a 'wax and oil' vaporiser for concentrates only.

For medicinal users and concentrate enthusiasts, the Evolve Plus XL exceeds expectations for fast delivery of dense potent vapour. Similar to the Magneto, the powerful 'quad' quartz coil atomizers provide four times the surface area, giving the user almost an electronic-nail experience.

The magnetic mouthpiece snaps on easily. Rotate the airflow to control the vapour density which is always handy for concentrates. The base has a detachable dual compartment to store your favourite resins, perfect for travel. Make sure device is fully charged before use. The LED indicator inside power button lights up red when charging, and turns off once fully charged. Open the magnetic atomizer, unscrew the coil cap, place a small amount (approx grain of rice size) onto the coils, put everything back together, press power button five times to turn on, and hold the button down for the device to start producing vapour. Breathe slowly with the first few hits, to ensure you work out what amount of concentrate works best for you.

1400mAh battery packs serious punch, lasting approx a full day with moderate usage, and taking approx 2 hours to fully charge. Clean the device with isopropyl alcohol to remove wax residue for optimum results.





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